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EPS Cup Machine Production Line

EPS Cup Machine Production Line
Detailed description

The production line of flow chart

Features of eps cup machine

1. EPS Foaming-Cup Production Line is widely applied in producing large amount of hot coffee cup, hot tea cup, hot soup blow, noodle tub and other food and beverage packing .

2. Light weight, good rigidity and well heat isolation. 

3. The machine holds many merits such as high foaming times, high producing efficiency, low steam consumption, low cost and different model products are  made at same time. 

4. Pipes and tubes of the transferring system are all made from stainless material so that they resist eroding and easy to be cleaned. 

5. Pre-expand and forming procedures are all operated by automatic controller, the mechanical and electrical device or apparatuses are all from international  famous brand.

Total Forming Area (L*W)


Forming Capacity


Foam Cup/Bowl Size


Power Consumption


Steam Pressure


Cooling Water Pressure


Air Pressure


Machine Overall Size (L*W)


EPS cup machine operation video

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