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PS/EPS/XPS Recycle Machine

PS/EPS/XPS Recycle Machine
Detailed description

 This machine is special for polystyrene. It adopts single screw, double stage classification, increasing compression ratio. The whole machine consists of crusher, main machine, cooling tank and granulator. It can recycle many foamed products, such as PS, XPS, EPS etc.


It is wide mouth crusher with big crushing output and can crush the several kinds of plastic products.

Crusher power: 15kw

Feeding blowe:

Φ100 Extruder:

Second screw length: 800mm

Second screw diameter: 100mm

L/D: 8:1. 

Motor: 7.5KW, driven by inverter. Main motor drives gear box. 

1)  The screw and the barrel

Material: 38CrMoAlA with nitrogen treatment.

Barrel heating zones: 3 pcs

Voltage: 380V

2)  Gearbox: 

Model: hard tooth-surface 173-16

Material: FCD25 malleable cast iron.

Gear wheel: SCM4 special gear wheel burnishing and heating dealing.

Machinery and equipment operation video

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